Refresh in client issue in list view

Hi all,    Support plans is linked 1-* with Sections.   The user can add a section, and a list view will show the sections via association.    The “Add New Section” button creates the section object, associates it with support plan and show the user a popup to add the data. The save microflow refreshes in client both of the section and support plan entities, however the new section does not show up. Adding a commit to sections works, however I would like to avoid commiting until the whole support plan is saved, to avoid autocommit issues and rogue objects when the user closes their browser window.   TLDR: how to you get refresh in client to work on a list view  
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Hi Garion Swann,

put a dataview as support and don’t give yes to fill data. Then put a list view in data source you can able to see association click that choose the association and fill the content in list view. place a add new section, after clicking that button you fill necessary detail while you saving that section you should save the reference too.