How can I force a refresh grid

Hi there. reall i want refresh function in force like a button event. I used 2 data grid2. built in DB. Master data source from database, detail data source from microflow. Master Datagrid select data and have to display selected detail data. it is very basic and need function to make system program. before i make program with VB, C#, java ..etc. mendix just started but not easy to me..    just display retrive data with selected data on datagrid. did retrive but not refresh.   some guy said use chage or create object ‘refresh in client’ but not easy. There are nothing changed data. so i don’t know I trid several time that case. still not solved. i used refresh time.. but it’s not good way cause ‘select’ query is make high trappics.   anybody help me...please~~~~    
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Are you trying to show data from database in a data grid and on select of one record, try to show the details of the selected record?

IF yes, then you dont need two data grid. You need one datagrid and one data view.

The data view data source must be set to Listen to widget and select your master datagrid. Within Data view, you can actually any data of the selected record.

See below references


If this is not answering your question, then please elaborate your question with some screen shots. 

It is very difficult to understand your question, in the way it is written now.


Thank you for reply.


This is what i want. almost my customer want to see more information on one page.

some time need more grid info only one page. 3 or 4


and my second question.


Among the numerous data, I want to display only the data I want on the grid

For example, a list of Koreans among Amazon employees


when i used datasouce microflow. only apply when load page.

but i want chage key-word for search. and refresh.


what can i do.


As far as I know, if you do the following, it will be searched among the data once called.

“use filter text”

However, new information entered elsewhere must also be inquired immediately. at the time ‘refresh’ button click event.


please help me~~~~~