make the cursor move to a next input field after a user press on ENTER button

Hello everyone,   Sorry in advance if this question was asked in other wordings already, but I couldn’t find it.   I'm trying to make the cursor move to the next input field after a user presses on ‘ENTER “ button in the first input field. I couldn’t find a ‘Mendix-way’ of doing this   in below you can see the screenshot where  SYSTEM is the 1st field, once I will enter the values in the field , and press ‘ENTER’ button ideally it should be  jump into the next input field, but here nothing happening, so for that matter what I need to do , any suggestions anyone      Thanks in advance 
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This is not possible in Mendix out-of-the-box, but can be added using a widget. For example this widget: Key Press Action should create this functionality (I don't have experience though).

Personally, I find pressing Tab more logical from web app perspective, instead of Enter.

Keep in mind that using widgets increases the load for maintenance, especially as this widget is not platform supported.

Good luck!