Show message on leaving page Do you want to save the changes

  i have one condition in that I want to show a warning  message  to the user  before  they leave the page, in the above mention form we have one details page and their 4 tabs, once you click any of the records in details page then thier all details shown in all 4 tabs , so  if user change something in appication page and then  they want move to other records in that case i want to ask for comfirmation to user –  do you want to save this changes , this message comes in the pop-up to user    so that matter what exactly  i need to do , can anyone help me to find the solution for this      thanks in advance 
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Check if this widget solves the purpose:


Earlier, we had LeaveActionWidget, which I think is not there in the market place.

What you can possibly do is, develop something similar:

  • Develop a widget
  • In general, the widgets gets destroyed when you reload the page or move away from the page
  • During on destroy event of the widget, you can call a Microflow or nanoflow to ask that question