Newbie issue with bouncetravel

Hello, I'm following the introduction course "BounceTravle" and get this issue when I try to run the application The 'cacheBust' parameter is missing. Update the index page in the theme by adding the cachebust to the 'dojoConfig' and to every url pointing to a static resource (e.g. scripts and stylesheets). See index-example.html in the deployment/web directory for an example of what the index page should look like. Not really sure where I should start looking as I haven't touched the Index file. Any suggestion or pointers? Appreciate your help - thanks // :) Fredrik
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The cacheburst functionality was introduced a while ago, but the training course probably pre-dates this. The easiest way for you to solve this, rather than editing the index.html file yourself, is to download a theme from the App Store into your project, and select it in your project settings. This will then use the index.html file from the downloaded theme which should have the correct cacheBurst parameters.