How would you create a list segmentation feature

Hi All,    I need to create a list segmentation feature, where users can filter a contact list based on contact attributes. Something like the screenshot below with OR, AND and NOT filtering options. Any idea what would be the best solution to achieve this? My only idea is to create a page where you can filter the contact entity and a process that adds the filtered list to a selected list. There will not be OR filtering but you can run the previous step multiple times. For the NOT filter my idea is to create a page where you can filter the segmented list and add a “Remove” button which would remove all the results of your filtered list from the segmented list.  Probably not the nicest solution, although it might work. Do you have any better idea/concept of how would you build this feature? THANKS A LOT!  
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For this you could make use of a so called ‘helper object’. You can create a non persistable search entity, from which you could relate multiple AND/OR/NOT search parameters.

The Search page would contain a dataview for the Search entity. You can then create associated ‘Parameters’. On the page you could have a list (eg datagrid) that returns the list of contacts that match your criteria via a microflow (or via xpath depending on the complexity of your query).
Hope this points you in the right direction.