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Greetings,   I currently have a setup like below:     How can I create a page that allows me to have a unique list of FY (FiscalYear) in a dropdown so that when I select a FY the datagrid will show me all the companies that have evals in that FY?  I created an OQL to get the distinct FY from that entity but I am not sure how to translate that into a dropdown because when I select a dataview (based on entity or dataset returned from OQL) and add dropdown it won’t let me select FY as an option.
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Hi Clint,


What i would do is the following:


  1. Create in your domainmodel 2 entities: PageHelper and UniqueFy
  2. Have the page dataview datasource call a Microflow.
  3. In the microflow you retrieve all the evals and call it EvalList.
  4. Than create a list called UniqueFyList (object UniqueFy)
  5. Loop through the EvaList and add the eval objects with unique Fy to the UniqueFyList.
  6. commit UniqueFyList once loop is done
  7. add showpage action after the commit and pass the PageHelper object with the showPage action
  8. in your page and within the PageHelper Dataview add the reference set selector
  9. in the reference set selector choose entity UniqueFy and go for attribute Fy.


Hope this helps.





If you have a page with the company data view and then add a reference selector that has the data source as your distinct values FY returned microflow and add a datagrid which refreshes on change of this dropdown? 

Is this what you intend to do?