Application will not launch after database synchronization

I have a problem where one of my applications running on-site in the Mendix Service Console has stopped working after my latest update, Here is what has happened: I renamed an entity (which was a specialization of another entity) and its associations, as well as associated fprm and microflow changes. The application launches properly from the modeler and can be accessed normally I created a deployment package and updated my Test server with it. On restart it synchronized the database (50-ish commands) and started successfully When trying to connect to the application on the Test server, I can log in successfully (as shown in the server console), but the page does not load - I have a blank page with just my theme background I have repeated the definitions export and reloaded, cleared every cache I can think of, checked if enabling widget bundling in the modeler has any effect (it doesn't). There are no errors in the Window Service Console, and no errors in the browser tools console. The last entry there is from the widgets loading (the line that CKEditor writes in the console). It looks like there is nothing wrong, but the application will not load in the browser. I was successfully able to roll back my Test server using an earlier deployment package, and I could then access the application normally. However, this now means that my Modeler version of the application is different to the version on my Test and Prod servers, and I cannot update them. I did another test, trying to update a copy of the application running through Windows Service Console locally and had the same issue - after running the database synchronization commands, the application could not be accessed. I then copied the MSSQL database from my development machine and used it to replace the copy being used by the local version running through the Service Console - after this I could again access the updated application correctly. My interpretation of this is that renaming the entities and associations caused the database structure to be modified in the Modeler correctly, but that updating my application through Windows Service Console, the database synchronization commands failed to mirror these changes correctly. Here are the database commands that the synchronization runs. Can anyone spot a problem with these, or suggest how to synchronize the database properly: DROP INDEX [idxtickets$safetycasearchiveremediationplanreports$questionnairetickets$safetycasearchive] ON [tickets$safetycasearchiveremediationplan]; (... other commands removed because they are not relevant)
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I found out what was causing my issue and it was not a corrupt database, it was a change to an enumeration that is used in the Start Page microflow. The microflow routes to a different start page based on this user-set enumeration preference. There is also a StartPage entity involved so that permissions can be used to control what start choices are available to each user based on their roles.

The change to the enumeration broke the start microflow if a certain start page was previously selected, and left the user in limbo. I have corrected the start page entity records and permissions, and also added a fall-back route in the start page microflow so that a user will not be left in limbo after any future changes.