SSO AZURE AD getting a error.

I am following this Azure AD SSO using the OIDC Module in Mendix | by Bharathidasan S | Mendix Community | Medium doc for implementing Azure AD sso using OIDC moudle, getting one error, can anyone please help me to solve this error.  when clicks on save getting error, but in studio pro there is no error
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If you look in your logs, you should find an error message with more details of what error has occurred.


If this doesn't help, you can share the error here and we can try to help.


Good luck.


Hello Mohammad Shamim, 

Are you using VPN or in a protected network, if your organisation blocks the request then you might have to configure the Certificates in the Settings -> Certificates tab and add your certificate (either by generating one or by using your company's one)


Hope this helps!