POST API Call using local hosted apis

Hello Mendix Community, in Mendix 10: I created a form with entity name 'testForm' under testForm ihave two input fields 'name & amount': and added an Submit button. After this i created a microflow named as PostTestMicroflow: in this microflow: first icreated an object with testForm and commit yes & the object name as NewtestForm. After that I added i created Commit object activity: in this i selectd NewtestForm & commit yes. After this i added another activity Call Rest: in this i entered the url of api and selected POST. in response: {{   "name": $NewtestForm/name,   "amount": $NewtestForm/amount }} after saving all this i opend application in browser  after entering the form details  it showing error that error occured please contact admin I Tried all the ways.Please help me to how can i post call iam very new to mendix.  
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Hi Vinay,

In the Call REST (POST) activity you should set up export mapping, and use your $NewtestForm as a parameter, for further information please see Section 6

Good luck!