Data Grid 2 - filtering values in dropdown

Hello Community! I have a question about utilizing filters in Data Grid 2. I'm looking to implement five specific filters in total.   The first two will be standard, "out of the box" filters, which involve filtering by enumeration and text filter.   The other two filters will be based on the values of a selected record within the Data Grid. Users should be able to select these filters from a drop-down menu.  And one, checkbox, depending on which status stage it is, whether there is an action required by me.   And, for example, I would like the "Fireworks" filter to appear in the dropdown, so that I can filter by it, as well as the other filter with "Name of the BL". So that these two filters, also work with "Text Filter" filters. Because when changing the data source, to microflow, with a larger number of records, the text filter will be activated only for those records that are currently displayed, and not for all. Here lies the challenge - how can I achieve this effect?   Best regards, Adam
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