Page With Field Validation Messages Behaves Differently Between Versions 9 and 10

I have a page on our app which uses an ActionButton with a confirmation setting to call a Microflow and set validation messaging on the page. In Mendix Version 9 you could click the button as often as you wanted and the Microflow would be called each time regardless of how many fields were corrected. In Mendix 10, the Microflow isn’t called the second time (though the confirmation message asking if you want to continue is displayed) even after a few updates might be made. You have to click the Submit button again to actually call the Microflow the second time.    Also, as you correct a field in Mendix 9, the validation message for that field clears and the remaining fields that have errors continue to display their message. In Mendix 10, sometimes after correcting a single field, all of the other validation messages disappear and you have to remeber which ones weren’t corrected or click Submit again.   Has anyone else experienced this? 
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You're experiencing behavior changes between Mendix versions 9 and 10, affecting ActionButton and validation messages. To address this, check documentation, community forums, updates, and consider contacting Mendix support. Evaluate app logic and implement workarounds if necessary. Changes in software versions can require adjustments for desired functionality. You can check this Training


Thank you.