Listen to target when empty

I have a dataview that listens to a data grid. The data grid can be empty in which case when I click on the save button I get 'invalid input' messages below the input fields and if I delete the last object in the grid and then click on save I get an error message (exception - telling me that object does not exist/null) is there a way around? is it possible to check in a microflow whether grid is empty and then ignore the listening?
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I think it's best to make listening dataviews read only and disable their control bars. To edit the selected row you could place an edit button in the grid or create custom edit behaviour using a microflow button.


I've also noticed that if fields are changed in the dataview the data grid is not updated. Even worse is that if several datagrid rows are amended only the selected one at the end is saved. The other rows contain old data in the grid but new data in the view ... refresh does not help - each record in the grid has to be selected and the form closed via save to make changes permanent and persistent

this is kind of weird ... if its not clear please ask