Validation error activated on click of Initials

Hello,   I have created a form in Mendix, with some fields as required. I have applied the validation rules in the front end ui and not at the entity level. Expectation: The validation rules should get activated on click of ‘Next’ button only. (This is happening on ‘Next’ button but in addition to that, when I click on the Initials in the menu bar to go to settings, the validation rules are getting activated. The rules don’t get activated on any other buttons in the form.   Is there a way to resolve this? [To get rid of validation rules, on click of initials]
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Hi Ria,

What you can do is, you can remove the validations from the field itself, and then, on the click of the ‘Next’ button, you can call a microflow, which validates the field,

use a decision box to check whether the field is empty or not, if it is empty, then use the ‘Validation feedback’ activity to show validation on that field.

This way, you can achieve the requirement,

Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!!!