Exploring low-code on Mendix for the first time

Hello Mendix Community!   Total Mendix newbie here. I am work at an organisation based in the UK where we’re exploring the potential adopting low-code platforms and Mendix is high on our radar. We’re a software development and experience design business. We do UX strategy, UI design, software development and support & maintenance. We’re never used a low-code solution like Mendix before. We tend to code in FRONTEND: React, NextJS, HTML/CSS, TypeScript – BACKEND: Go, PHP, Node.  We typically build a lot of Direct to Consumer (DTC) Commerce websites and PWAs. We also build non-transactional marketing websites, landing pages, Etc. We’re very much a Composable architecture business working to MACH principals. We work with a lot of MACH Alliance vendors to implement our composable solutions.    I’m here to seek advice from this community (as a complete Mendix newbie). Where should we start in terms of learning the Mendix platform. By learning I am looking for:   The business imperative to use low-code vs hand-code everything from scratch Intro course/crash courses on how to use the Mendix IDE to build our first “Hello World” app/website. How do we convince our Engineering team, who are all “traditional coders” that moving to low-code is important for their careers and is a good thing for them to get into. It doesn’t mean they become inferior software engineers. How do community members tackle this communication and “mindset shift”?  As an side, we’re a 100% Mac laptop organisation. We hear rumours that there is a Mac version of Mendix coming “soon”. We don’t know how soon is soon but it’s good to know there’s something on the horizon. But the Mac thing is really a distraction for now and I’m not too worried it. If anyone here know more about when Mac solution will be available, I’m all ears but I don’t see it as a major stumbling block at this point. I’m eyes wide open and want to learn as much as I can about Mendix in a platform agnostic way.   I’m looking forward to all your hints and tips! Thank you Mendix Community! Kaustav
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Hi Kaustuv,


I hope these resources help you with your questions:

  1. An example: https://www.mendix.com/videos/how-mendix-outshines-high-code-in-complexity-a-business-perspective/ but there are numerous examples of how Mendix applications help customers a lot compared to high code, I believe Mendix also has a lot of testimonials towards this.
  2. https://academy.mendix.com 
  3. This is always a thing to convince them it is not just a protoyping tool but you can built full on enterprise wide applications with it. Typically for me experiences and demo's on how it will help them, help a lot in convincing them. It is a bit of an older article but maybe you can do something with it:


As to the MAC issue, it was indeed promised, but I believe no definitive date has been published other then what originally was announced.