Issue With POST API

Hi,   I try to integrate the POST API in mendix the following issue happened to me: I try to create a simple form using two fields: To pass the form data to the API by following steps: created a JSON structure for post api:   After that i created a Export mapping :   Finally I created a Microflow to call post api:   After all these steps I called the Microflow on Form Saving: when i try to test the Form i encountered with the following error: Please provide a solution for the above error. Note: I use my own API hosted on the AWS server.   I tried different ways to intigrate the POST API, but there is no use give me some valuble solution. Regards Vinay
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If you look in your console in Studio Pro it should have more details on what the error was.

You can also change the log level of the REST Consume lognode to TRACE and this will log the message that was sent and received. That should also reveal more information on what happened.


If you are still unsure what is happening, please share these log entries and we can try to help more.

Good luck!