Need help on newEdit page - Selecting multiple options from associated entity

I have a domain model with a technology entity. The technology can have multiple use cases, but I am unsure how to structure this so a user may select multiple. I have tried making a useCases entity with all the different use cases as values, but I am unsure how to create technology objects and also give them multiple use cases. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 
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Hi Jacob,

Maybe I don't fully understand your question but this is actually quite easy to set up!


Setup the following relationship:
(This could also be a 1 to * relationship depending on how you need to work with it on your end.)


In the Technology_NewEdit page, make sure there is a Reference Set Selector available, like this:

 The Reference Set Selector shows you all the Use Cases (this is multiselect, so the user is able to select multiple Use Cases and bound it to the current Technology).

This is how it will look from the user perspective. In this case I have created an object of ‘Technology’ called ‘Technology 1’ and associated it with two UseCase objects called ‘Use Case 1’ and ‘Use Case 2’:

You also have the option to use the Input Reference Selector, you can play around with both and see which option fits best.

I hope this fits your needs, and if not, please let me know.