How to add a button

How to add a button like this lesson: I want to add rice. Tell me step-by-step
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Hello Abdulrahman,


  1. Go to the page that you want to add a button to.
  2. Find the Toolbox dock on the right side of Mendix Studio Pro.
  3. Scroll down to the Buttons section.
  4. Drag a Create Button from the Toolbox to the page.
  5. Select the context entity of the page you want to open (You will get an error on the button but don’t worry).
  6. Right click the Button and select “Generate on click page...”.
  7. Select the page layout and name.


To stylize like the tutorial you can

  1. Add a layout grid (6,6).
  2. Change the layout grid to (10,2).
  3. Put a container in smaller cell and add the button to it.
  4. In the appearance properties of the container set the align content to “Right as a row”.
  5. Double click the button and set the icon as “Calendar”.
  6. Double click the button and remove the button’s caption.
0 can upload a circle image as a button

2.change button css style to make it round