Phone Number Validation

Hi Team.   New mendix developer here.   What is the best way to add a validation for phone number input? The general idea is to prevent potential users from entering letters or any other characters outside of numbers?   Ideally, I would want to prevent this ‘on change’ or when the user hit the Save button.   Any ideas?   Thank you.
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Hi Sesan,

I would recommend to add the validations in a microflow, which can be triggered on the save button, and do all the validations there, and if anything’s not right, you can just show a message to the user,

Also, for the validations, you can use RegularExpression and use a decision box with


function to validate the input,


Hope it helps!!


Hi, I am Uday!!!

Your Mobile Number should be string and length limited to 10. Please take a look below.


Your input field input mask as 9 nine’s and no. Please check the configuration in the below screenshot

 Then add an ON change microflow

Which will validate the length.


Hope you find it helpful!!