validation message is coming out of the input box in the foam

  Dear All,   I need your help to resolve my issue,   in the above-mentioned Vendor form, I have one input field which is “Support E-mail” in that I am trying to validate the emails, by just adding the predefined mendix email validation in the input box, but I got that error message out of the input field as you can see in the below mentioned screenshot. after entering any wrong value its coming like this    so Anyone has any idea about this how to resolve this issue ,if yes please let me know , so I can resolve my issue    thanks in advance     
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Hey Pushpendra,

If you’re using custom styling I’d start my search there (.scss files under App/Styling), see if a selector applies some unwanted styling on the alert element (<div id="xy" class="alert alert-danger mx-validation-message" role="alert">). On validation error this adjacent sibling element is added after the <input> element. Check it in DevTools if it has some styling not intended.

I hope this helps!

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