Automatically open word file in browser

Hi All, I am working on an app where there is an export functionality which is getting data from team centre in rich text format and then calling java action to convert it into doc format and downloading the file in local system. After that user is making changes in doc file and importing it again. Now the requirement is that when clicked on export , a new tab should open in browser and that doc file should get open in sharepoint/ microsoft365 web app instead of downloading in local system .User will make changes in browser and click on save , the data should reflect in mendix app (instead of importing it manually).  How to achieve this functionality?
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I think the best approach would be to store the document in sharepoint, get the url from that process back into your app. Then open the file by using the url. Then when changes are made to the document this is stored in sharepoint and with the url the user can access the document again with the changes without the need to also store the document in mendix.