regax for consider Blank data in E-mail input

  Dear everyone,   in the above-mentioned form, you can see that, I have one form with few input field, I am trying to use predefined E-mail validations for it, but it is not considering blank details fields in that, so what I want is  if the user enter  any value  then only validate the field  other then consider black value for email validations, so i need to  regex for this,  so can anyone help me with issue ,   thanks in advance 
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If you perform the validations with a microflow then you can add the logic in there.

First check if the field is empty, if not then use isMatch with a regex on the field.


Hi Pushpendra Nayak,

If you are using only regular expression on the domain model validation, it can achieved.

Regular expression:



Create a regular expression

Then assign a regular expression validation.


Hope it helps!