Mendix database System.Users account info only pulls one name. not multiple

I am currently in the development of making a clock in / clock out type of application. a part i am struggling with is the users. The person when they arrive to work will enter in information into the app via a form and it will track the time this was entered. The users from the dropdown list pull from Account System.Users , then display on a database. I am struggling now that, when i select the user it appears in the database completley fine. but when i select another entry with the same method (either clocking out going on break or another entry for the day after) it will wipe the name from a prior entry. It can only have one entry in at a time. I tried to change the relation to many to one.  from system . user but brings errors can anyone help?                  
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Your record storing the time for the user should be associated as * : 1 where the 1 is on the user side, so the arrow is pointing to the user.

Maybe it is even better to create a person entity that points to the user entity and select records from the person entity for the time registration as to prevent issues with users not being visible depending on the grantable roles selected for a user.