Implementing Sort Options on the Home Page

Hello All, i need your help to fulfill the acceptance criteria for my project -   below I have mentioned all the acceptance criteria to implement the Sorting option on the home page. please let me know what are the possible ways to achieve this which we can implement and which are not possible,     As a user of the home page for the  software, I want to have the ability to sort and organize the displayed items based on various criteria, So that I can easily locate and access the relevant information in a way that suits my workflow.   Sort Dropdown Menu: On the home page, there should be a dropdown menu or a similar user-friendly interface element that allows me to choose sorting options. Sorting Criteria: The sort options should include various criteria by which I can arrange the items (e.g., by name, by date, by category). Each sorting criteria should be clearly labeled. Ascending and Descending Order: For each sorting criteria, I should have the option to arrange the items in both ascending and descending order. Toggling between these orders should be intuitive. Immediate Sorting: When I select a sorting option, the items displayed on the home page should immediately rearrange themselves according to my chosen criteria. Default Sorting: There should be a default sorting option (e.g., alphabetical order) that is applied when I first access the home page. Persistent Sorting: My chosen sorting preference should be persistent, meaning that it should be remembered and applied the next time I visit the home page. Visual Indication: The current sorting criterion (e.g., "Sorted by Name: Ascending") should be visually indicated on the user interface, ensuring clarity.
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Hi Pushpendra Nayak,


Use datagrid2 widget which will meet your requirements just by configurations!


Hope it helps!