Is mass creating workflow tasks recommended for an application?

Hello, I have recently learned about workflows and realized they could be used to track most of all of the functionality we want to have in our application. We essentially have a lot of action items that need to be interacted with by 4-5 different end-users depending on the status of said action item. It seems perfect for us to keep track and control of which end-user has done what using workflows. However, my only concern is performance. We're expected to have a few hundreds of said action items open at any time and they typically come in batch of hundreds. This has me worried that having a couple hundred open tasks will hinder app performance too much. It would give us a lot of control over the process however. Does anyone have experience with having this many tasks open at the same time?   Victor  
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Hi, Victor,

Some companies make their own workflows. If your company has such a support partner, you may ask from them. If other functions of company and workflows are in the same app, then it leads a bad performance. the best is to make the workflows in another app and create the processes with rest calls.