How to prevent reloading of previous page data even when navigating to new page even after deleting of previous page data?

Hi Team, Our requirement is we have to display data as reporting table in our page by performing some calculations. So for this we have used persistent entities which holds the data but never gets committed to database(as we have used multi select drop-down widget for filtration which requires persistent entities) and displaying it using list view. In this list view  there is a button link for each item. On click of the button we are closing the page and navigating to a new page. After navigating to the new page we are deleting previous page DS objects along with list objects so that they won't get cached.   Now the issue  is on deleting of these objects the previous page list data is getting reloaded even after deletion and then navigating to new page and we are facing latency because of this. So any help would be appreciated on how to stop the reloading of the page,
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