compare files and export the resulting file

Hello, What do you suggest me to do in order to compare two uploaded excel files in an app and export a resultinf excel file to my desktop which will contain the concatenation of the culumns of the files compared as well as a new column that will be filled based on the comparison of the two files ?
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Here is how I would build this:

  • create 2 entities - one for each of the imported files containing the columns in each spreadsheet
  • create a third entity which will be used for the comparison
  • use Excel Importer module to import the contents of both files into the entities you have created
  • create a microflow to compare the two files and populate the third entity with the results of the comparison
  • create a page with a datagrid displaying all rows in the third entity.  Add an export to excel button to this datagrid to export the results
  • if you need to export something more formatted, or via a background job, you could export the information in the third entity with the Excel Exporter module from the Marketplace

This is a high level description of how to address this task.  You can find documentation for Excel Importer, Excel Exporter and related modules in the Mendix documentation


Hope that helps,