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Hello!!   I have already customized the login.html page for a normal authentication and I want to add a button SSO with Siemens AZURE AD, after finishing the configuration, in the explanation below it says to replace document.cookie = "originURI=/login.html" with document.cookie = "originURI=/oauth/v2/login", while I'm working with login.html for the normal authentication, I thought about adding a button in lign.html called SSO that will go to index.html and them in index replace document.cookie, is it the correct way to proceed? Thanks in advance. 
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Option 1: If you want default flow to use SSO without a click, then indeed change the script to set the cookie to /oauth/v2/login. You can use the 'manual' login (for as administator) by navigating to login.html yourself.

Option 2: If you want the users to click the button 'Login with SSO', you can keep the script to set the cookie to login.html and just place a button which redirects to /oauth/v2/login

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Option 1:

Change index.html part to:


            document.cookie = "originURI=/oauth/v2/login" + (window.location.protocol === "https:" ? ";SameSite=None;Secure" : "");



Option 2:

Add this to login.html:

        <button id="ssoButton" href="/oauth/v2/login" class="btn btn-primary">Login with SSO</button>