Xpath on a datagrid refering to a reference set

Users are related to one or more customers (accountmanagers) via a reference set. Orders are related to one customer. There is no association between Users and Orders. How to set an Xpath on a datagrid to show only the orders of the customer(s) the user is accountmanager of. Note: is a fictive example to make the situation clear (as described is of course better to use a association)
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Sound like data grid of orders with

[Order_Customer/Customer/User_Customer/User = '[%CurrentUser%]']

but i guess you already tried that?

After update 1:

So you need to compare the names, but the name is an object which is associated to the user? Thus you would like to retrieve:

[Order_Customer/Customer/Name = '[%CurrentUser%]'/Responsible_Customers/Name]

That is not possible currently. As you already suggested, you need to maintain an association.