Domain association

I am trying to set Domain model in this Usecase. Please check am I doing it right. I have trouble setting multiple worksite info on Company. There is Worksite, Worksite details, Company. Elevators. Worksite has multiple worksite details ( 1-* / worksite - worksite details) Company have works in multiple worksites details, and worksites details have multiple company working ( * - * / Company - worksite details)  I am trying to add worksite info on company info which tells this company have these multiple working site ) I was expecting reference selector to be selected each from worksite and worksited details. But I am keep getting input text box about worksite details on company_newedit page. Did I got my association wrong? or Did I set wrong entity on list view?
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With this much information it is hard to pinpoint where you have gone wrong. With reference selectors you can set the constrained by function. This way when you edit a Company you can have a dropdown for the worksites and the second reference selector for the worksite details or just make a datagrid that listens to the first selection and the show all the worksite details (I am not sure if the company is also allowed to see the workdetails of other companies otherwise make sure that you use an XPath to only see the workdetails of this company).