login_i18n.js?{{cachebust}} unchanged

Hello !   I customized the login.html page, and since in this page they call :      <script src="js/login_i18n.js?{{cachebust}}"></script>     <script src="js/login.js?{{cachebust}}"></script> I also modified the login_i18n.js but whenever I rerun the app, the changes of login_i18n.js disappear and it comes back to its initial content, I assume it's because of the :  cachebust. Here is the initial content of  login_i18n.js : window.i18nMap={"username":"User name","password":"Password","loginButton":"Sign in","http401":"The username or password you entered is incorrect.","http404":"Server not found.","http500":"An internal server error occurred.","http503":"Service unavailable.","httpdefault":"Sign in failed.","http402":"The current license does not allow more users to sign in.","http460":"You were signed out, because you signed in somewhere else.","http419":"Your session has expired. Please enter your user name and password to continue working.","goHomeButton":"Back to Homepage","http403":"You don't have enough permissions to access this page. You may try to login as a different user.","cancel":"Cancel","loginHeader":"Sign in"}   How can I keep my modifications after running the app ?   Thanks. 
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If you are using a custom theme, then you can copy the file to themesource/<YourThemeModuleName>/public and make your make changes there. Mendix should follow the theme ordering and copy across the file from there when building your application.




I hope this helps.