adjust date format between imported excel file 8STRING9 and date and time attribute in an entity

The problem I'm facing is that I have an entity with date attribute of type date and time and this attribute corresponds to a column in an excel file that I'm trying to import to an app, so I have a Date attribute in my entity, then I get the information from the Excel as a String, and I need to value the date attribute with the parsing function. Which specific parsing function I should use ? and where specifically I should do the modification on studio pro? thanks.
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Hi Maryam LAQLII,


From your question its very clear that you have DateAndTime attribute. When you importing data, each column represents each attribute of your entity.

So when your are importing some data, the column has to be date formatted while importing

For parsing: Use parse with. But it should take same type and parse.

For more information look into the documentation provided by mendix. You also parsing info in it.


Hope you find it helpful.