how to implement Excel exporter in mendix app

Hello Experts,   Greetings   I want to know how to implement Excel exporter features in the Mendix app step by step, I want to have this feature in my Mendix app to download the data from it, if someone shares the steps in the screenshot it would be really appreciated,   this is an important feature for me, please everyone help me with this to implement such an awesome feature in my app ,    thank in advance 
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Hi Pushpendra Nayak,

Excel exporter is available in Mendix market place.

Serach for the Excel exporter.

Click on download


Click on Import à continue à ok


After the final ok button, a folder name XLSreport will be available in the Marketplace module under your project main module.


Add Excel_Document_Overview to the navigation.

This page is available in the imported folder.


After that please follow below URL where all the details with configuration helps you!


Hope it helps!


Hey Pushpendra,


Here, in the documentation, is all described step by step how to do it.

Export to Excel | Mendix Documentation


Or you can use this YT video

Mendix - Excel Exporter Example - YouTube


Best regards,