How to display Arabic characters correctly without Hash (####) in generated PDF file ?

Hello Everyone,   How to display Arabic correctly in generated PDF file at Mendix Studio Pro 9.24.1 without doing that in fop.xconf file and then adding XML code? Note that Arabic characters shown as #### at Document template as shown here:
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hi Maryam,

you have to add font-family to your app


follow these steps (


  1. Download the font Noto Sans SC.

  2. Copy the font file NotoSansSC-Regular.ttf from the static folder of the downloaded font package into the theme\web\fonts folder of the app.

  3. In Studio Pro, go to Styling > Web > main.scss in App Explorer, and add the lines below to the main.scss file in the built-in styling editor:


    @font-face {

  • font-family: 'Noto Sans SC';

  • src: url(fonts/NotoSansSC-Regular.ttf);

  • }

  • .font-noto-sans-sc {

  • font-family: 'Noto Sans SC', sans-serif;

  • }


  1. Add the class font-noto-sans-sc to all applicable text and widgets.