Enumeration with users

Hi there,    I have a question regarding enumerations.  is it possible to have an ennumeration or something of that sort with all of my Users.    so that i can select a specific person    thank you ahead   
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Hi Marie Loerakker,


Yes, it is possible!

You can control based on user role eligibility.

For that particular input widget --> You will have visibility section --> When selected --> You will be able to see the user role (Refer the screenshot).



You have Roles R1 and R2

R1 have Enumeration - E1 

R2 have Enumeration - E2

Add 2 enumeration and apply visibility conditions based on user role.



Hope it helps!


An enumeration is a fixed list of values defined in the model.

What you want to achieve is to select out of a list of dynamic values.


Therefore you need a reference between the entity to which you want to link the user and the account entity. Next you need a reference selector in your page, where you can select one of the users over this reference.


I recommend that you take the Rapid developer course online first:


and especially this module, where you are introduced to references (associations) and reference selectors: