Excel importer module - differentiate between two imported files

Hello !   I have an entity template_file and i'm using the module Excel importer, after creating the template, I want to have two buttons each one can upload a specific file, upload file 1 and upload file 2, to do so, i call the microflow that performs the import in the two buttons, but i want to know how can I differentiate between the two files upload on each button. To do so, and since the import microflow that comes with the module has only one importobject, I created an object MxObjectReflexion with the file name and I added this object as a parameter to the startimport java action, but still, when I run the app and import file 1, it works, I even check the file overview page to see the content, when I try to import another file (file2), with the second upload button, the content of file overview page gets replaced by the new file, which means the microflow doesn't differentiate between the two files. How can I change the microflow to achieve the desired purpose? this is the first version of the import microflow:     After performing some changes : Thanks.
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It looks like you have your button on a page with context TemplateDocument (the actual Excel File). This is the file you import twice, but if you need to import a second file, changing the name is not enough.

Create a new FileDocument, show a dialog to browse that and import that in the second step.