Let us say, I am an Admin. I need to assign a task to few Users. The task is assigned. The problem is , if one of the users completes their tasks , all the other Users record also moves to completed tab. How to rectify the problem?
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Hi Jagan K

Assume there is one particular attribute to handle the status of the card.

If no attribute, please create an attribute to maintain the status of the task.


Let’s say, you have an attribute to handle:

After completing the task, change the status of the task to complete and commit the task.

Commit is mandatory.

After performing the task, change the status of the task to complete.


Let’s say you have done the above and still have the issue.

Check the what input is provided to the complete tab:

Completed tab should take the task which have status as completed.


Hope you find it help!



If my assumption is correct, you might be using a *-* association between the user and the task. That means that every user is linked to the same instance of a task. Please take a look at this section of the Rapid course talking about information entities. That way you will be able to register eg task completion per user.

If this is not helpful, please share a picture of your domain model for better understanding.