encrypt imported excel files

Hello !   I am using Mendix ExcelImporter to import an excel file, so i create the template linked to an entity in my domain model with all the columns/attributes and using it, I import the file and i have an overview page to display the imported file. I would like to, before storing the file, encrypt it. How can I achieve this encryption module or any other way (maybe coding it myself)? I just want a starter idea.   thanks.
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Hi Maryam LAQLII,

You can use the Java action Base64encode and Base64decode for encryption and decryption.

These java actions are available in Community commons folder.

This Community commons can be imported from Market module.

  1. Import the Community commons from market place.
  2. Use the java action

Please check the below configurations.

Screenshot 2023-10-26 201649.png



Screenshot 2023-10-26 201942.png


Hope this helps!