How to download data from datagrid2 using excel exporter in mendix

Hello Expert's    I have implemented Excel Exporter in my application with the export button, but the problem I am facing is that - it downloads data only using templates that I have created,   but I want functionality that  The exported file will contain the data from the datagrid2, including any formatting, sorting, and column headers. its only download the data which is present in the datagrid2 after sorting or filtering , so I user clicks the Export button on the home page , they can easily able to download the data present in the datagrid2   kindly request you to please help me with this to complete my task    thanks In advance 
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Currently there is no default Export to Excel & Export to CSV button for datagrid2. You can use export excel module from marketplace 


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Mendix 10.4 includes an excel export for data grid 2!!!!