Help with multiple entries

I have a bunch of text boxes that when filled out get entered into a database.  I have a text box called Item Part Number, i would like it so that instead of having to create a whole new entry i can click a button, and it would duplicate that text box. but it would also be entered into the database as a separate entry. As long as that, it would still use the other text boxes  information in the container into the database as well. Making it alot quicker to enter in multiple entries how would i go about trying to achieve this? any help would be much appreciated   
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Call a microflow on click of the button. In the microflow create a new object of the entity and change the attribute values of those attributes which you want value from current page. You will get the values from the current page in the parameter object of the microflow.  after changing the attribute values call the same page by passing the newly created object as parameter.