CE1568 error with datepicker

hello!   As you can see, I added a dataview with DateMonthlyFile which is an entity that holds two attributes one of year and one for month, I wnat the user to be able to choose a year and a month that will be stored for each uploaded files (because he will then upload a file). In my domain model :  But in order to access to the page where the user will choose the year and month and upload a file for that specific date, I have a button in another page to go to that page. I get this error :   
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As the error states the page you are trying to open expects to recieve an object of the entity DateMonthlyFile. You are trying to open the page directly from another page without creating the object. To solve this issue, add a microflow to your button that perfroms a create object activity and create the DaeMonthlyFile object, then open the page with the new object as parameter. Don't forget to set the permissions on the microflow.