Many to Many Association not showing in Datagrid2

Hi, I have two entities which are linked with many-many association. I am unable get that association in Datagrid2. But the same when i try with Datagrid1, I can able to access it. Is it datagrid2 issue? or I am missing something. Could some one please help me with this. Thanks in advance The below is for datagrid1 The below is for datagrid2  
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The datagrid 1 has allows for that and will show you a comma separated list of  Location string  attributes of the associated Zone object list in the Student overview.


It's just a difference at the level of widget implementation. Take it as it is. 


If you want to use datagrid2, and you want to display in a column of the Student grid/table the list of Location strings of the associated Zone objects you could place a listview  inside a custom content column of the Student overview. 


In that listview you can show the location for each zone.