File dropper with Wizards

I'm using the file dropper widget inside Wizards. The issue is after uploading files and clicking next, the files preview disappears if I click back again. I want it to be visible the same way after uploading even if I move between pages. So, Did I miss any configurations for the widget? or how to solve this issue.
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Hi Elnady, 

did you try committing it? make sure to commit it,

Also, you can try to add an image widget and show the uploaded image, but refreshing the grid itself, this way, you will always have a preview of the uploaded image on the page.


Let me know, if you have any issues,

Hope it helps!!


Hi Mohammed,

I think no option in configuration to do that but you can hide it always and add list view or data view containing  images or files (image widget or file viewer widget could help you) instead of that