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Greetings,   I am using the workflow commons and I have been able to create workflows with tasks that call microflows and assign users.  However, I am unable to determine the assignee.  In all my tasks, the assignee is the same as the assignor.  Basically my flow works like this: 1. Button on selectable datagrid calls the workflow and passes the entity object for the context. 2. Workflow has user task that calls microflow that returns the user that owns that item from the entity.   So a manager selects a user from the grid and clicks on the button from step 1 which then calls the workflow and runs the microflow that returns the user for that item and the task is created.  When I log in as the user they do see the task that was assigned to them but it also has them as the assignee.  I never set the assignee and I don't see in the Academy walk through where this is done.   I eventually added a step to my microflow that uses the workflow context to modify the assignee as the manager who submitted it but that didn't even work.  I set that step to commit to the workflow object so I am not sure why the assignee is getting set back to the user instead of manager.  Is there a step after a workflow runs tasks which sets the assignee and overwrites anything done prior in microflows?   Here are the screenshots for this process.:   1. Button on the grid (Strategy entity) calls this workflow:     The user task calls the microflow ACT_Strategy_TeamMember: When I look at the last breakpoint during run, the Assignee (owner of the strategy entity) is "Joe Manager" and the UserList (Teammember) is "Jane TeamMember."  However, when I log in as Joe and go to workflow admin page it has Jane's name for the task assignee and targeted user.  When I log in as Jane and go to the task page it has her as the assignee and displays the button to unassign.  What happens to Joe?  Is he overwritten after the microflow above runs by some other microflow in the Commons package?
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It seems to me I may be missing some things about your workflow, but the microflow that returns the list of potential assignees is the one that is used to set the assignee.  There are some options about how this is done (for instance, you can set it up so that if the microflow returns one user, that person is automatically assigned to the task).  Maybe you could include a few screen shots to help me understand the issue you are having.