How to Make Two Data Views Data Source Microflows Execute Synchronously?

Hello experts,   I have a 2 seperate snippets used in a layout for a page. These 2 snippets have data views which has the same microflow data sources. Basically what this microflow does is to create a non-persistent object which has association with a persistent object if the persistent object doesnt have association with that non-persistent object. Create or get type of microflow to make it short. My problem is, both of these snippets create their own non-persistent object instead of one getting another ones created object.    How do I make one of the snippets data view microflow create the non-persistent object and the other one gets it from it, like making them use the same non-persistent object? 
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Maybe create the NPE object when opening the page where the datasource microflows run so that you ensure only 1NPE record is created and only retrieve the object in the datasource microflow will do the trick?