Export to excel data from rest services

i am working on a app development . according to requirements i want to export to excel data i.e file i am getting in api call. so can anyone tell me what is process for that .it would be a great help .Thanks in advance  
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Hello Talib,

based on your high level requirements:

  • To get data from an API, it depends on the used protocol. Assuming you integrate a REST service, use the REST call activity in a microflow to retrieve the data you want to export to excel. Let us know if your API uses a different protocol. 
  • To export data in Excel, use the Excel Exporter module following this How to.
  • The retrieved data from the API need to be persisted, i.e. stored in your Mendix database in a persistent entity and using the commit action. After they have been commited to the database, retrieve them again using the retrieve from database action. Next, you need to associate them to the input document of the Generate excel document (as an example, look at 8.2. of the how to where the Policies to export are associated to the PolicyDoc that serves as input and output of the Generate excel doc Java action)


Hope this helps. Let us know more details of your use case if you need more in-depth help