Adding Date Range Search Functionality to a Datagrid

I have an overview page with a datagrid containing two columns, and each row represents an attribute so  three attributes: license plate, name, and date and time. I would like to add a search field to this overview page, allowing me to input two dates – a start date and an end date. Upon hitting the "Search" button, I want to see the results that fall within the specified date range. In other words, I need to filter and display all entries that have date and time values falling between these two selected dates. I'm looking for guidance on how to implement this date range search functionality in my datagrid. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! i have tried to add a range field but this isnt helping me. i need some more explanation
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Hi MFurqan,


Add two 'Comparison' search fields within your DataGrid, and make them like this, with the attribute contain your own datetime field.



And another one like this:



Now you should be all set.


Hope this helps.