Dataview ControlBar and long pages

In previous versions of Mendix the user had to scroll down via the IE vertical scrollbar in order to use the Dataview ControlBar when the form is larger than the screen . In version 2.5.0 the Dataview ControlBar was hoovering (great !!!) In version 2.5.1 the user has to scroll down via a scrollbar inside the form. In 2.5.1 this results for me into two vertical scrollbars inside the form, which does not look very good. Where are we heading to with the Dataview ControlBar ? and is there any way to avoid two vertically scrollbars inside the form ? Edit: Thanks to Samet a step further: There are two vertical scrollbars (preferable I would like to have none): When I change overflow: auto into overflow: none the scrollbar is gone I tried to update the custom.css in the theme used, but without success: .MxClient_contentPane { overflow: none; } In fact I tried this change for many classes, but apparently not the right one :-(. How to update the custom.css and for which class ??
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This is an issue that's related to the css-property overflow. I think you could change the overflow of the contentpane. If you know what you're doing in CSS :)

Edit: If you set the overflow to hidden, it may be that not the hole pane is showed. So if your page is longer than the pane, it will be difficult to scroll to the downside.


Thanks to Marcel Vuijk:

In Mendix 2.5.0 the file reset.css was loaded on all elements (h1, h2, h3 elements etc.) which took away the margin. In 2.5.1 this file will no longer be generated. This is already known and will (hopefully as soon as possible), solved from the modeler. But for now it must still be solved with the theming, which is as follows:

In the theming stylesheet (custom.css): . Tundra. MendixFormTitleborderLeft. MendixFormTitleborderCenter. MendixFormTitle_title ( / / Here are some style attributes. )

Add attribute "margin: 0px! Important,"