Reference Set Selector conditional editability

Hello, I have a reference set selector 'A' and this contains the list of contacts which can be selected in the form using DataGrid1 Select. I have another reference set selector 'B' which also contains list of contacts. Now I want to enable selecting contact 'B' only in case the logged in User Id exist in contact 'A'.  That means if 'A' contains uid 'xxx' selected and also my login uid is 'xxx' then only I can edit 'B'. How can I achieve this? Contact 'A': Contact 'B':
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Hey Raghavendra, 


You may need an OnChange microflow on reference selector A that will create/set some flag on the containing entity, if the user's id is included in the selected set of contacts. Then in the conditional/editability or visibility on reference selector B you'll need to make sure that flag is set to true. 


Hope this helps!