Session times out even if I am constantly interacting with the app.

We have an app that uses, "Opcenter Execution Foundation Starter Kit" and when I test it, I can see that the sessions time out after exactly 30 mins and it occurs even if I am actively interacting with the application. I tried debugging and could see that the Token entity has a time out period set to 1800, which I think is in seconds. There is no way I am able to change that as it is only visible in the debug window.    On a separate note, if I follow the sample and try to get a list of all the Workorders, it does not allow me to fetch Quantity and Status attributes. If I hover over the attribute in the DataHub tab, it says attribute is not supported.    This session timeout is driving me crazy.  
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Assuming you are not running locally or in a sandbox.


Check the custom runtime settings


These settings affect session timeouts:

  • SessionTimeout
  • EnableKeepAlive
  • ClusterManagerActionInterval


If your app is running outside of MxCloud and if it is not just the sessions but a restart of the environment, you might not have set your subscription key in the application settings.